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Chocolate is Better: Part 2 is a coming-of-age novel that shares the love, joy and pain of four courageous girls who are tightly knit together by sisterhood. Their story is amusing, nurturing and uplifting. We follow them as they embark on an adventure most girls of color experience growing up, while learning to love themselves and build healthy self-confidence. During their journey from girlhood to teens, and finally women, they face unique challenges at every stage. We get a glimpse inside their lives as they try to figure out who they are amidst society's definitions of them, while they push back against all the negativity to navigate their lives and relationships in a positive direction.
Author Bio: Lynn Vern was born a dreamer with a vivid imagination and zest for life. Her mother recognized her daughter's gifts and talents early on and needed to find a way to help Lynn express what was inside her. Lynn began writing around the age of ten when her mother gave her a gift to capture her imagination: a typewriter. She was more excited that her mom, her biggest supporter, really believed in her. She wrote and wrote, eventually writing her autobiography, numerous short and children's stories and articles. With Chocolate is Better, Lynn Vern has penned a novel that many believe will become a classic. She lives in northern California with her family.
Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
264 pp.
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