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For fans of Laurel K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, and Karen Marie Moning...

Hello, my name is Nina Decker and I'm a monster. Okay, technically, I'm half monster. My mother is the real one. But don't tell anyone. I'm not out of the closet just yet.

She's one of the fae. Which are a secret ancient and rare race of people. These are not the fae written about in fairytales with pretty gossamer wings and fairy dust, no they are sinister, malevolent and unkind, dwelling in another realm called Nightfall.

I was abandoned at the age of ten to be raised by my loving father, and I've never forgiven my mother for that, or for ruining my father. He's been fae-struck and is slowly fading away to nothing. He's only in his sixties but he looks closer to eighty with a frail body and even frailer mind.

This is one of the reasons why I've never gotten too close to any one man. I don't want to seal his fate like my father's has been. But I'm having a hard time denying my fiery attraction to Severin Saint Morgan. He's an associate professor at the university, Australian, gorgeous, and a…werewolf.

Yeah, werewolves are real too. And this particular one makes my blood boil with desire but he also makes me tremble with fear. It's only when my mother suddenly reappears with startling revelations about an upcoming war between the fae and the werewolves that I realize why…

**2nd edition, added content. Previously released in 2011**

"Vivi Anna's smart and always unique take on urban fantasy makes her a must read!" — New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Dane

"GLIMMER rocks in so many ways! Nina and Severin are one hell of a sexy couple and stand out in a world that's rich with detail, danger and intrigue!" — USA Today Bestselling author, Juliana Stone

"From start to finish, GLIMMER's one wild ride. I can't wait for the next Nina Decker story!" — New York Times Bestselling author, Megan Hart

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