Rise Up

Awaken the Leader in You


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Rise Up


€ 16,95

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You Have a Place at the Wall

There is no up without a down. Life can be a roller coaster of events. Some news will crush you and bring you to your knees. Believe me, it's the best position to be in if you want to rise up.

Nehemiah found himself there. Temporarily leaving his job to cupbearer to the king in Persia, he returned to Jerusalem only to find a burnt, dilapidated wall and discouraged, oppressed people. But rather than joining in the despair, Nehemiah elected to rise up to the calling God placed on his life. He inspired his people to rebuild the wall and restore their relationship with the God who had delivered them out of exile.

It's a strange thing, but God of the universe who is all-powerful and all-knowing has decided to use fallible, fragile, fickle people to carry out his mission here on earth. The four-star general, the Seaman Recruit, the Military wife, the Staff Sergeant, the Marine veteran, the Academy grad, the Reservist, the Guardsman, and the proud military mom. God uses every one of us.

In this six-week study, you will dig deeply into each chapter of the historical book of Nehemiah, finding God's faithfulness on every page and realizing that we all have a place at the wall. You will also examine themes such as prayer, integrity, leadership, justice, and worship. Content and application questions will help you mine the depths of this important book of the Bible.

Planting Roots is committed to creating biblical resources for that point women around the globe to Christ so they can plant roots of faith to thrive in military life.
Planting Roots
212 pp.
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