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Second Chance Summer


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From the USA Today bestselling master of small-town sagas comes the second installment in the Blue Harbor series—a second-chance romance about finding love when you least expect it.

Amelia Conway spent the past twelve years doting on her widowed father and playing mother hen to her younger sisters—and conveniently hiding her heart from love after her high school sweetheart moved away. Now the owner of a charming café, she realizes she has no excuse to shy away from the possibility of a happily ever after, and not just because her family doesn't need her so much anymore. Amelia's first love has returned to Blue Harbor, and suddenly the summer looks full of more than sunshine.

Matt Bradford never felt settled after leaving his hometown, but his fondness for it is overshadowed by the reasons behind his family losing their business. Now an architect, Matt is back in Blue Harbor to pitch a full-service resort that will not only secure his future, but also right past wrongs. But he didn't expect to meet resistance along the way, or to discover that he still has feelings for his old girlfriend. Leave it to Amelia to remind him of the boy he used to be—and the memories he has tried to forget.

When Matt's plans clash with Amelia's beloved café, she will have to convince him that Blue Harbor is perfect just as it is, and that maybe, there can be a second chance for both of them to find lasting happiness in this town.

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