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The Five Ages of Humanity


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Back in print after nearly 60 years! The Five Ages of Humanity (a revised and retitled edition of The Five Ages of Man) is the 1964 masterwork by influential author, historian, and philosopher Gerald Heard (1889-1971). Heard explores many parallels between the historical development of human consciousness and the life of an individual. He maintains there are five stages through which human consciousness evolves. With a new foreword by noted educator Thomas Armstrong, PhD, and two notable new endorsements, The Five Ages of Humanity promises to reach a new generation of readers with its endless wealth of ideas. In his foreword, Dr. Armstrong praises Heard's book as "This incredible synthesis, this rich feast, this sumptuous festival of ideas. ... Heard argues that historical consciousness progresses along a course that mirrors a similar pattern in individual development. Taken as a guide to the human life cycle, The Five Ages of Humanity includes a staggering range of progressive ideas and practices for the optimal development of each stage of life from birth to old age." In Heard's words, "By extending and applying the already accepted principles of phylogeny and ontogeny [to] the social and personal history of man, a real psychological interpretation of history can be made. History can now be seen as the reflection cast by the evolving consciousness of [humanity]." Heard contends that humankind's consciousness has evolved in five distinct stages, each of which recapitulates a historical epoch. Each of these stages has a dysfunctional characteristic that handicaps the individual and the human species. Heard proposes ways by which each dysfunctional characteristic might be remedied through various practices. This newly updated, authorized edition of The Five Ages of Humanity includes new tables; an expanded glossary; a new preface and afterword; and corrections to various spelling, formatting, and factual errors.
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