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A Simplified Guide to Universal Symbols Originally a companion to Shé D'Montford's sell-out tarot deck, "The Talking Tarot." This little book is the gold standard in Tarot education Shé D'Montford is arguably the best teacher of The Tarot in Australia today. Shé was able to quickly and accurately find the little boy lost on the TV show "The One" by using information gleaned from a tarot spread. Her tarot book makes it easy for a beginner to read the cards accurately, whilst exploring the tarot's deeper correspondences. Universal symbolism, mythological archetypes, Pythagorean monads, tattwas and colour psychology, are just some of the esoteric concepts explained to help the beginner or advanced reader to better intute the spiritual significance of the cards. She explains the elemental correspondences of the suits that were reversed by Arthur Waite in his Rider deck. Knowing this will allow for greater accuracy in your tarot readings Finding the meanings of these lost symbols has never been easier. Shé reveals more secrets than "The DaVinci Code" by using Masonic, Cabalistic, ancient European, Egyptian, Greek and contemporary symbolism combined with mythic and historical personalities to create highly recognizable archetypal images that you can easily remember and that will will add depth to your readings.
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